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Stephen Conte host and producer of Family Historian Monroe County Sources with Candace McGreevy and Stephen Conte
Stephen Conte
Host & Producer 
with Candace McGreevy
Monroe County Sources
Slovak Genealogy with Thomas A. Peters and Stephen Conte Irish Genealogy with Suzanne McVetty and Stephen Conte
with Thomas A. Peters, CGRS
Slovak Genealogy
with Suzanne McVetty, CG
Irish Genealogy
Luzeme County Sources with Jesse Teitelbaum and Stephen Conte Puerto Rican Genealogy with Charles Fourquet Batiz and Stephen Conte
with Jesse Teitelbaum
Luzerne County Sources
with Charles Fourquet Batiz
Puerto Rican Genealogy
Finding Famous Ancestors with Liesl Ehardt and Stephen Conte Swedish Genealogy with Linnea B. Foster and Stephen Conte
with Liesl Ehardt
Finding Famous Ancestors
with Linnea B. Foster, CGRS
Swedish Genealogy
Schwenkfelder Genealogy with Stephen Conte and Dennis Moyer Waldensian Genealogy with Stephen Conte and Rev. Frank Gibson
with Dennis Moyer
Schwenkfelder Genealogy
with Rev. Frank Gibson
Waldensian Genealogy
Amish-Mennonite Genealogy with Neal Ann Stuckey Levine and Stephen Conte Methodist Church Records with Melda B. Shippey and Stephen Conte
with Neal Ann Stuckey Levine, Ph.D.
Amish-Mennonite Genealogy
with Melda B. Shippey, CG
Methodist Church Records
Amish-Mennonite Genealogy with Glenn Cunningham and Sandy Bolden Stephen Conte host of Family Historian with production assistant Barry Gidlin
with Glenn Cunningham & Sandy Bolden
African-American Genealogy
with Barry Giblin, Production Assistant
Portraying Our Ancestors with Stephen Conte and Anne Connolly Portraying Our Ancestors with Anne Connolly
with Anne Connolly
Portraying Our Ancestors
Anne Connolly
Portraying Our Ancestors
Genealogy for Children -- Family Historian crew with Sean Gunderman Ancestral Quilts and Samplers
Family Historian crew with 
Sean Gunderman 
Genealogy for Children
Family Historian crew
Ancestral Quilts & Samplers
Restoring Old Photographs with Emmett Francois and Stephen Conte How to join the D.A.R. with Jacqueline F. Huber
with Emmett Francois
Restoring Old Photographs
Jacqueline F. Huber
How to Join the D.A.R.
crafting a family scrapbook with Christine Guido Ancestral Quilts and Samplers with Christine Jochem and Stephen Conte
with Christine Guido
Crafting a Family Scrapbook
with Christine Jochem
Ancestral Quilts & Samplers
Stephen Conte host of Family Historian with Jesse Patterson, director Catholic Church Records with Alan B. Delozier, Stephen Conte, and Jesse Patterson
with Jesse Patterson, Director with Alan B. Delozier & Jesse Patterson
Catholic Church Records
Cornish genealogy with William J. Curnow on the set of Family Historian with David Hawksworth, Studio Supervisor
William J. Curnow
Cornish Genealogy
David Hawksworth, Studio Supervisor
Family Historian TV show -- with Mom - Flora Conte visiting the set Union County Sources with Gary L. Maher and Stephen Conte
with Mom - Flora Conte
visiting the set
with Gary L. Maher
Union County Sources
Pitcairn Island Genealogy with Mitch Bunkin and Sue Bunkin Portraying Our Ancestors -- Stephen Conte with Anne Connolly
with Mitch & Sue Bunkin
Pitcairn Island Genealogy
with Anne Connolly
Portraying Our Ancestors
Armenian Genealogy with George Bournautian and Stephen Conte Turkish Genealogy with Talat Halman and Stephen Conte
with George Bournoutian, Ph.D.
Armenian Genealogy
with Talat Halman, Ph.D.
Turkish Genealogy
Albanian Genealogy with Sami Repishti and Stephen Conte Stephen Conte, Host & Producer of Family Historian celebrating five years on the air
with Sami Repishti, Ph.D.
Albanian Genealogy
Stephen Conte, Host & Producer
celebrating 5 years on the air
Family Historian tv crew at annual luncheon
Family Historian crew at annual luncheon


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